SOFTSPUN Microfiber Cloth – 4 pcs – 30×40 cms – 340 GSM Multicolor – Thick Lint & Streak-Free Multipurpose Cloths.

Price: ₹ 399.00 - ₹ 255.00
(as of Sep 27,2022 00:24:03 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SOFTSPUN is a brand that delivers high-quality products made of Lint free microfiber for the interior and exterior of any vehicle! Use SOFTSPUN microfiber products to clean paint, leather, wheels, glass, interior and so much more. The uses are literally endless, enjoy the top quality SOFTSPUN microfiber products.

Cleaning with Softspun microfiber towel will demand minimal cleaning agents and it requires significantly less amount of water. It is very light in weight and also very easy to handle and wash your auto mobile. These cloths traps and attracts the dirt into the fiber using static charges, therefore it does not leave behind any dust, residue or grime on the surface of your car and bike. This cloths can even remove toughest stain spills and grease without any hassle.

The Softspun microfiber cloth will glide on heat shield, chain guard, side panel, bonnet, wind shield , dash board , upholster, mirror or practically just any part and surface of your automobile. The cloth will not affect the paint, polish or surface of the car and bike as it is extremely gentle. It is an ideal choice for cleaning as it prevents scratching or scuffing the surface because the towel is composed of tiny wedge shape fibres that are 100 times finer than the human hair.

The cloth is extremely versatile as they can be used in wet or dry condition making it a best choice to use it in external and internal cleaning applications. The microfiber can hold up-to 3-4 times their weight of water and can absorb up to 98% of moisture which makes it highly absorbent. The towel offers an effective and efficient cleaning/detailing of your car and bike. It is an amazing tool that does not affect the paint of your car and bike.

Perfect for Interior

This microfiber cloth can also be great in cleaning the leather upholstery and seat as it tends to pick up dust and dirt easily. The area composed of hard vinyl like the dashboard, instrument panel, compartments, door handles, vinyl on doors, seat belt connections, glove box, side compartments in doors, gear lever, and steering wheel can be cleaned with this towel in dry or damp conditions.

Spotless Cleaning of Glass

While cleaning our bike and car we are often faced with tough and uncompromising spots and dirt but this problem can be solved with SOFTSPUN microfiber towels. They leave no satins behind. It is the easiest way to give polished appearance to all the glass components. It is worthwhile to clean the window and the lights as it is the tedious task in detailing the class and bike, hence it affects overall appearance.

Removes Dirt from Wheel

We can instantly transform the look of the car just by cleaning the wheel. As we clean our foot wear it is just as important to clean the wheels of our vehicles. Wheels are susceptible to water spots and dirt just like any surface, but only in a larger scale. The SOFTSPUN microfiber can get rid of any residual brake dust and grime that is remaining on the wheel after a wash. It grabs and hold the brake’s dust particles with a magnetic charge and completely removes them from the wheel.

Absorbs Magnificently

These micro fiber can absorb more water than any conventional towels and the speed of absorption is three times faster. They can make cleaning and detailing extremely easy all thanks to their super absorbent character.

Enduring and Durable

The SOFTSPUN microfiber cloth is a most reliable options for regular and rough use. It is extremely durable and it has a capacity to withstand 500 washing sessions hence this micro fibre cloth is the one stop solution for long-lasting.

Lint Free Material

The cloth has super-fine fibres in them, these does not allow any lint on the surface after the cleaning is completed. The cloths are completely lint free hence it has very less chance of deposition of foreign material.

✔MULTI-PURPOSE: Our Vehicle Cloth Cleans exterior & interior of cars two wheeler bikes seat without Chemicals. Drying towel to dust kitchen refrigerator home bathroom furniture sunglasses face office laptop computer monitor electronics DSLR Camera lens optical glass mobile phone accessories screen.
✔MEDIUM SIZE: Pack of 4 micro fiber dusting wiping Cloths of 12” X 16” – 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide (Nylon). Also available S-30×40-Big 40×60 & Large 60×60 – XL 24 x 150 – 40 x 60 – 800 gsm premium and basic combo in bag of 5 – 36 peice set microfabric spong chamios in yellow white pink grey red orange blue sky-blue purple roll kit. For extra care fast clean-er wiping polish clothe-s, pad, glove, dry fabric duster-s, black dashboard wipe, applicator kits.
✔CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY since 2015. SOFTSPUN addressed the unraveling of stitches, a common problem faced by many consumers, with its rounded corners that are firmly and continuously stitched. Note: 1. Wash new cloth before use, 2. Don’t wash with other fabrics, 3. NO Iron 4. No Chemicals.
✔THE BEST EXPERIENCE – Just so you know, we want to make sure you have a perfect experience with us. If you experience any dissatisfaction or inconvenience with your purchase, deliver or product, please reach out to us and we will do whatever necessary to make it right.

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